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Mar 15, 2018

In our latest episode of Popping the Bubbl, we sat down with Ming Zhao of Proven Beauty to discuss her personalized skin care line. Proven Beauty is building the Beauty Genome Project using AI and machine learning to comb through millions of product reviews that have been published by consumers on beauty products and their effectiveness. Using AI, Ming and her team are optimizing the existing data that has been published as well as analyzing product ingredients to develop advanced skin profiles that Proven uses to create custom beauty lines that work for different ethnicities, age groups and even geographic locations.

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Mar 7, 2018

Emiliano De Laurantiis, Founder and CEO of Knowledge Avatars joined us in this episode of Popping the Bubbl to share his vision for a new type of learning, one that is personalized to the individual, adaptive, scalable through AI and infinitely more effective because the student becomes an active participant in his or her learning process.

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Jan 17, 2018

Like something in a movie, Melanie Matheu peered into a microscope and saw the future. A time when lasers print organs. This week Sandra and I feature Prellis Biologics. Our guests are a powerhouse duo, Co-Founders CEO Melanie Matheu, Ph.D. and Noelle Mullin, Ph.D., CSO.

Prellis Biologics is another company from the IndieBio accelerator which is tied to SOSV’s efforts to invest in biotech. By their own estimate, transplantable kidneys (or whichever organ they produce first—for this article we’ll use kidneys) will be available in 5 to 8 years.

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Jan 11, 2018

Today on Popping the Bubbl, Sandra and I feature Mike Seldon of Finless Foods. Mike and his co-founder Brian Wyrwas have a dream that I think we can all get behind. The business they are building allows them to make fish protein in a warehouse creating “Clean Fish.” Fish without contaminates, meat that looks, smells, tastes, and feels the same as the finest pieces of fish available in stores, markets and restaurants.

Fish and other meat-based proteins are going to be created in warehouses; and it’s an incredibly wonderful thing. It means more controls over how our food is created…fewer pathogens, chemicals and poison. Clean fish means greater access to higher quality fish, less waste, essentially no harm to harvested animals, potentially less pollution…and a lot and lots of quality made accessible to anyone on a budget. That’s a plan we can all get behind.

Jan 5, 2018

On this episode of Popping the Bubbl, Sandra and I host Lou Kerner. Lou a Co-founder at Crypto Oracle. Sandra and I have been examining how innovations like crypto, blockchain and “the Tangle”…

…are disrupting the world. Crypto is changing finance, contracts, funding, data…basically, every industry, service and even possessions are being impacted.

We invited Lou because he’s a recognized leader in the world of crypto-currency. Heck, he’s been called by the Wall Street Journal, Wall Street’s Bitcoin expert. He also made headlines in Nov 2017 when Snap Interactive Appoints Wall Street Crypto Expert Lou Kerner to Blockchain Advisory Board

Dec 21, 2017

Serial entrepreneur Richard Titus is our guest on this episode of Popping the Bubbl. His vision on the market is proven through his multiple success starting companies, FRSA establishes bona fides that are unique in the Silicon Valley.  

Pete and Sandra braved the Parrots of Telegraph Hill to sit and chat with Richard. In a conversation that reached as far back as Adam Smith and Gen WT Sherman's time as a banker, the secrets of crypto currency began to reveal themselves. 

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Dec 12, 2017

Pandia Health is a company that, "dissolves healthcare barriers as fast as your bandwidth." By removing traditional (read outdated) means of prescribing and delivering birth control to women.  

Dr. Sophia Yen, her partners Norma Waxman and Justin Diedrich provide the medical backbone for a company that's changing how we access medical care and maintenance.  

In this episode, Pete A Turner and Sandra Ponce De Leon chat with Sophia and Pop the Bubbl surrounding contraceptives in the modern world. 

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Nov 30, 2017

Kenyatta Leal was sentenced to life in prison. With no expectation of getting out, he graduated from college, focused his life on being who he wanted to be, and started freeing himself. 

Now he works at He's a paid speaker and he sits on the Board of Directors at The Last Mile. Technology continues to change lives, even ones that seemed lost.  

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Nov 20, 2017

The incredibly inspirational Beena Ammanath, Founder and CEO of Humans for AI joined us in the latest episode of Popping the Bubbl. Beena is an accomplished computer scientist and double patent holder that has been focused on data throughout her professional tech journey, leading to a variety of F100 executive positions managing data, developing business intelligence and leading into big data, AI and looking at data in different ways to drive positive business outcomes.

Beena is now focused on managing the coming AI wave with her initiative Humans for AI which looks to create partnerships between domain experts in the fields that will be first impacted by artiifical intelligence while its still in its infancy. Beena believes now is the time to shape AI how we want it to act and in a way that it wont go rogue which is everyone’s greatest nightmare.

Looking back at history, there have always been changes in how work is done. From the first industrial revolution to rise of the internet, humans have always worried that rising technologies would destroy jobs, but what actually happens is that new jobs are created replacing the old ones.

Nov 2, 2017

Vanessa Camones joined us for a 2nd time to talk about the state of the internet, online advertising and more.

Vanessa is the CEO of AnyContext a boutique digital marketing agency that helps clients with their strategic marketing, content and social needs. Vanessa’s been around the tech block and she joined us this episode to wax poetic about some of the most fascinating events of the year, deliver her predictions for the future and generally rant about the state of technology and our Silicon Valley Bubbl.



Oct 5, 2017

Martha Hernandez is a powerhouse Latina in tech. She is the force behind madeBOS, which is a platform that helps low wage workers break the cycle of poverty by helping them take control of their careers.

Today, Martha is applying that same spirit to supporting people in achieving their dreams. Having worked her way up the corporate ranks from a career in retail that led to sales and eventually recruiting, she realized that if she hadn't had a manager that recognized her natural talents with people and sales abilities, she may never have made the career moves she did. It was this realization, combined with her work in talent management and development that led to the foundation of madeBOS.

Oct 4, 2017

It's been just over a year for Sandra and Pete. The two of them take a moment to celebrate what the show has meant to them...and look forward to the future.  

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Sep 27, 2017

Seasoned warrior/philosopher/entrepreneur William Mankins is starting a new university.  Bill vision was born on the side of a mountain. As he worked in support of military units, he recognized his unique skill set was impossible to replicate while working on the ground in zones of conflict.

The only way to increase the number of people who could navigate social and cultural pathways, was to pull away from STEM based learning and start developing educated warriors that saw the world in systems.  This approach is the foundation for Mankins Academy, which will be a 4-year degree granting university. Mankins grads will work in support of those seeking to create stability in zones of conflict.  They'll work to reduce western distractors and inhibitors...and they'll tackles cultural challenges with more clarity and reliability than is currently possible. 

Bill's school is currently in a funding cycle as they gear up for 2018.  If you are interested in contributing to their success click here to visit their site, invest and learn more.

Bill is truly changing the world.

Sep 21, 2017

Nick Pashos and William Heim operate bio-tech form Bio-Aesthetics. Their mission is to improve breast reconstruction for cancer survivors by providing replacement nipples from donors.

Currently breast reconstruction focuses on options that are less responsive and pleasing. By using donated nipples, the survivor is able to recover more completely, with greater confidence in their appearance and with a nipple that is fully functional--and genetically their own.

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Sep 8, 2017

A little start-up in San Francisco has become a world wide leader in satellites and data. Spire gathers data from their private constellation of satellites. These low earth orbit satellites track private and commercial ships and planes...but now they produce thousands of Radio Occultations which helps with predicting weather. 

Because Spire fills such a unique space in, err space, they are encounter problems that have never occurred before. As they reckon with these issues, they wind up becoming the world expert, and the first company to ever...handle these space-based business issues. 

Listen in as co-hosts Pete A Turner and Sandra Ponce de Leon try to keep up with Nick Allain and Megan Kane of Spire on this episode of Popping the Bubbl.

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Sep 1, 2017

Fatma Kaplan and her husband/co-Founder are changing the world's need for pesticides. By using the nematode's natural response to pheromones, crop killing bugs haven't got a chance.

Fatma is serving up the science that makes nematodes want to eat.

Aug 24, 2017

Sugarlogix has locked down a method based on yeast fermentation that allows them to “create complex sugars with prebiotic functions. These sugars are not energy sources for humans; instead, they selectively feed the beneficial bacteria living inside the human gut. This, in return, promotes the immune system and the nervous system"


Aug 18, 2017

Attila Hajdu's company Stelvio Oncology is changing how we approach cancer treatments.  By leveraging machine learning, Stelvio is gaining access to millions of new potential treatment protocols. The volume of potential combinations contained in the Big Pharma mountain of data is such that only computers can solve the problem.

Taking decades of work in the industry, and a number of previous successful ventures, Attila is climbing to a place where cancer is solved with one subcutaneous shot.

Popping the Bubbl hosts Sandra Ponce De Leon and Pete A Turner sit with Attila on this episode and get inside the world of cancer treatment.

Aug 14, 2017
Neil Cohen, long time friend, trusted advisor and marketing consultant extraordinaire joined us recently to talk about his thoughts on the marketing landscape and emerging tech trends.
Neil keeps himself very busy and entrenched with the latest innovations in marketing and technology by serving as an advisor to multiple startups as well as international accelerators, such as Parallel 18 and Startup Mexico, as well as teaching digital marketing as a professor at SF State.
Neil’s seen the evolution of the ad-tech and marketing landscape since the early days when digital marketing was a new comer fighting for media budgets to today’s world of programmatic ad exchanges and now digital ad spending is predicted to surpass television spending this year. Budgets have been slowly slipping from traditional television and print budgets, but still somewhat slow to gain traction even as most of us spend most of our time on our mobile phones.
Jul 17, 2017

The latest episode of Popping the Bubbl came on the heels of a day spent speaking with bio-tech startups that make up biotech accelerator, IndieBio’s Batch 5. We spoke with Alex Kopelyan, IndieBio’s Program Manager who gave us insight into IndieBio’s mission, what the accelerator provides for startups accepted into its program and also shared stories about some of the fascinating startups that are disrupting a number of different industries in life sciences.

Jul 5, 2017

Mark Anderson is the CEO of Speak Music. a company that features a voice search activated music assistant.  The product Melody is designed to keep us mobile, free and surrounded by the Music we love. 

Mark sits with Pete A turner and Sandra Ponce De Leon and discusses how the music consumption world just got a lot more personal. 

Jun 22, 2017

It was great to welcome Lisa Wang, CoFounder of SheWorx on our latest episode who is a force to be reckoned. As a four-time national champion in gymnastics and inductee into US hall of fame, she grew up from an early age with an intense focus on priorities and an ability to structure her goals. However, gymnastics is a zero sum game, meaning that there really is only one gold medal winner.

Jun 13, 2017

Vanessa Camones, CEO of AnyContext,, #LatinaGeek and boss lady extraordinaire joined us on the latest episode of Popping the Bubbl.

She realized early on a passion for writing and telling people’s stories during her college years where scored an amazing internship that got her high visibility experience with media channels like Telemundo and a number of  high profile tech PR agency (Cunningham Communications) that gave her the opportunity to with Pixar, even sitting in on meeting with the Steve Jobs when he was Pixar CEO. As one of the 1st students to participate in this program, it really catapulted her into the place she is today, developing a strong consumer internet focus and participating in early online channels such as podcasting, blogging and social, which at the time were the early intersections to the online age we are in today. Beyond that, it is clear that at an early age Vanessa demonstrated an ambitious desire to learn and grow. It is kind of amazing to think back to being a recent graduate and how those early decisions can impact your future and life.


Jun 8, 2017

The Quallcomm XPrize Tricorder challenge has given humanity a powerful tool to improve a patients ability to diagnose their medical condition.  Inspired by the tricorder from Star Trek, the ultimate winner of the challenge was a machine called DxtER from the New Frontiers Medical Devices group.

The competition's advisor is Dr. Erik Viirre. Doctor Viirre is a MD PhD who specializes in neuro science, surgery and cognitive studies. His blend of medicine, and experience in the start-up world makes him the right mentor to over see the technical aspects of the competing tricorders.

The challenge was sponsored by the Qualcomm Foundation who is lead by Paul Jacobs. Their mission, among other things, is to provide health regardless of where a person lives. The combination of communication, portability and access make the tricorder a perfect answer to the foundation's goals.

Give Guest host Jon Leon Guerrero, of the Break It Down Show and Pete A Turner a listen as they pop into the XPRIZE world with Dr. Viirre.

May 11, 2017

Basil Leaf Technologies founded by Dr. Basil Harris and his brother George won the top QUALCOMM Tricorder XPrize Competition. Dr. Harris and his team built a functioning tricorder, YES! like the one from Star Trek this one tests for 34 different medical criteria. The information Dr. Harris sought was created through his own desires for knowledge as an ER doctor. The Tricorder is real!  We're excited to share the story of Dexter (the tricorders name).


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