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Aug 10, 2018

Brian Solis - The incredibly prolific, talented and sought after futurist and author Brian Solis joined us for a surprising and thought provoking conversation. Brian is a three time author and speaks around the world on topics such as digital transformation, the future of work, and innovation.

Innovation and disruption isn’t only true for companies, as individuals we also have to constantly reinvent ourselves, like Madonna… and like Madonna, Brian is entering a new phase, his Like a Virgin phase.


Aug 3, 2018

We sat down for a fun chat with Kris Duggan who is founder the Badgeville, BetterWorks and an investor in many companies. After going through several fund raising rounds and exits with his previous startups and raising almost $100 million in capital from top tier venture firms, Kris has recently embarked on a new journey… to help other founders by sharing his lessons learned and helping to guide new founders in the right direction

Jul 27, 2018

Stevon grew up in a rough neighborhood of San Francisco. Kids in his neighborhood dreamed of becoming famous, looking up to sports players and seeing stardom as their only legitimate career option. The other option for making quick money...selling drugs and stealing cars. Given, this, it’s no surprise that most of the kids from Stevon’s neighborhood ended up becoming pimps, drug dealers, and prostitutes. Except that's not what Stevon did...


Jul 20, 2018

Fernando Figueiredo, Founder and CEO of Oaktech and member of The Vault, SF who left Brazil to study marketing in America and unexpectedly became an entrepreneur. Fernando’s story is a unique one. Fernando left his native country Brazil in 1996 and came to the US to study marketing. As an international student, he struggled trying to find work and had to settle for a job at the campus’ bookstore. It was around this time that Amazon was just starting to get traction...

Jul 10, 2018

We spoke with Paul Gambill, CEO, and Co-founder of Nori, who with his team is taking on the mission of reversing climate change by creating a marketplace for carbon removal from the atmosphere.

When Paul realized that the small business he was working on wasn’t going anywhere, he decided to do something bigger and more important for humanity. He was inspired by Simon Sinek’s TED talk, The Power of Why and he wanted his next venture to be centered around his own Why. Paul had found his "Why", Battling Climate Change.

Jul 5, 2018

Marina Bay, from BeFastTV’s helps founders tell their stories in a simple and easy to digest manner and efficiently reach their target audiences. While still residing in Hong Kong, she noticed that startups received little to no media attention, so she founded BeFastTV as video channel dedicated to promoting startups. She describes BeFastTV as the MTV channel for startups. BeFastTV is an integrated content creation and production company with offices based in Hong Kong and San Francisco.

Jun 28, 2018

Greg’s entrepreneurial journey began fairly early, when as a second year law student, he started and sold a company which lifted him out of some financial troubles. This success led him to continue on this path, making a small profit with each business he started and sold. All was going well until the company he was building after law school collapsed. His fall back luckily, was to start practicing corporate law for technology and entertainment companies specializing in intellectual property.

Science Blockchain

Jun 22, 2018

Pete and I had the pleasure of chatting with Yumi Alyssa Kimora on our podcast recently. Yumi shared her incredible story, including the the many trials and tribulations she endured as a ambitious young female in the male-dominated corporate world of Japan and her inspiring journey into entrepreneurship in America.

Jun 14, 2018
We had the great pleasure of having Ben Metcalfe on our podcast who in addition to having a very debonair accent, has am amazing story related to his journey into the world of Silicon Valley and entrepreneurship.
Ben’s journey to becoming a VC, he's now a partner at Ridge Ventures. Ben started in the early days of the internet in his native England where he worked as software engineer and product manager for the B.B.C news website. When the company decided to move employees from London to Manchester, and Ben's appeal to move to SF didn't get approved, he decided to take a risk and head to SF on his own.
Jun 8, 2018

Peter Pakalski's entrepreneurial drive started during his college years, where he and his brother started a paddle-board company selling and renting boards in Wisconsin and California. While in college he participated in an accelerator program where he learned how to build a company from the ground up and applied that learning to start a supplement company and gain more experience in online marketing. He also connected with some angel investors and founded a venture capital group. Pretty impressive!

Jun 1, 2018

Kevin Smith describes The Vault as an experiment founded with an original idea to create a better place for startups to grow and accelerate. The space itself is beautifully designed with a sophisticated retro speakeasy feel. You walk downstairs into The Vault and are surrounded by exposed brick and beams in a building that itself goes back before the big SF earthquake of 1906. Now in its 4th year of operation, The Vault has grown into a full stack innovation ecosystem with hundreds of events and thousands of people flowing through its spaces every year.  The focus is on helping startups accelerate their growth by creating an intentional space that creates opportunities for collaboration as well as hosting a robust platform of events, workshops, boot camps, founder happy hours, and invite only events for investors.

May 15, 2018

Lingrove makes wood without trees and that’s a very good thing because 87% of trees are gone forever due to our insatiable appetite for wood and making things like furniture, boats and houses out of old growth wood which is one of the strongest natural materials in market today. Due to that, the black market for illegally poached wood is around $50 million dollars and deforestation is one of the biggest contributors (20%) to CO2 emissions contributing to climate change. Lingrove wants to change that by making a composite material that acts and looks like wood, only better.

Great work Pete A Turner and Sandra Ponce De Leon

May 11, 2018

Cyborg Anthropology - Amber Case is no ordinary tech nerd, she is an accomplished MIT researcher, founder, speaker and cyborg anthropologist. She joined us on this episode of Popping the Bubbl to talk about her trajectory and how she came to focus on the intersection of humans and technology through her extensive cross disciplinary approach.

May 2, 2018

As crypto changes how we define and use money...everything that has value is being re-examined. Berkeley's Ben Bartlett suggests that electrons have value...and talks about his 3-part smart path. 

We're also fortunate to be joined by Jeremy Gardner who's leading the way in the crypto space. Get ready Sandra and Pete are going to make you think and imagine where we'll be in the near future. 


Apr 26, 2018

As everyone who follows this show knows, Pete and Sandra are HUGE fans of IndieBio and the incredible companies that are part of their cohorts, companies that are changing the world as we know it for the better. In this episode we get to sit down with Arvind Gupta, founder of IndieBio to learn more about his own founding story and what led him to create a new type of accelerator that has flipped the model for conventional funding, entrepreneurship and development of bio tech innovation.

Apr 20, 2018

Stem cell therapy has the power to change lives, and in recent years we’ve heard a lot about its miraculous potential, but unfortunately today it is not a therapy that is accessible to anyone beyond the famous sports stars or the ultra wealthy. That’s because the therapy is not yet approved for use in the United States. Enter the Mini-Stem created by JointechLabs, which essentially is a lab in your hands, it is a small handheld device that can process fat tissue and deliver back one’s own stem cells, eliminating the need for an expensive lab setup. By reducing the scale and cost of extracting cells to convert into stem cells, the Mini-Stem device is essentially putting creating a lab in the hands of the doctor.

#podcast #stemcell 

Apr 10, 2018

We sat down with John Butler, CEO of Quantumcyte who has a long history in the biotech world of Silicon Valley, specifically building tools and technology that can answer and solve complex problems effectively.

Before founding Quantumcyte, John held a variety of roles in biotech companies ranging from: Applera research institute  Pacific Biosciences Applied Biosystems to being the Director of Process Development at Stanford University School of Medicine. His co-founder Dr. Bidhan Chaudhuri. The two met at Pacific Biosciences where they worked on complex products that John took from development to manufacturing and out the door. 

As always Sandra and Pete deliver a great interview that makes us all wonder at what's just down the road. 

Apr 4, 2018

We all know bees are vital to our survival. Matias Viel CEO of Bee Flow is on the job. He's bridging the gap between the smartest minds working to study bees and the farmers who are desperate for improved healthy, production and intelligence from bees. 

Seems like a beautiful place to focus one's work. Bee Flow is an IndieBio cohort company from the SOSV based accelerator. They are just the latest in batch of companies we are highlighting in the weeks leading up to IndieBio's Spring demo day on April 17th at the Herbst Theater in San Francisco. 

#BUBBL #BioTech

Mar 29, 2018

Micha Benonial is a serial entrepreneur with a dream to connect the planet in the aim of making knowledge accessible to all humanity. He joins us in this week’s episode of Popping the Bubbl to discuss his entrepreneurial journey and how connecting humans to foster collaboration and knowledge sharing, has always been at the center of what does.

#Podcast #BUBBL

Mar 20, 2018

Pete recently had the chance to catch up with Nathan Hirsch, CEO of FreeeUp, a business marketplace for freelance service providers that has managed to realize a pretty amazing trajectory in a short period of time.

How does FreeeUp differ from other marketplaces that exist?  

FreeeUp focuses on the top 1% of freelancers, those with years of experience, a strong command of the English language and with strong communication practices. These differentiators are ascertained through an extensive vetting process conducted by FreeeUP and only those who make it through the skills tests and interviews are passed through to work on the marketplace.

#BUBBL #Podcast #FreelanceLifestyle


Mar 15, 2018

In our latest episode of Popping the Bubbl, we sat down with Ming Zhao of Proven Beauty to discuss her personalized skin care line. Proven Beauty is building the Beauty Genome Project using AI and machine learning to comb through millions of product reviews that have been published by consumers on beauty products and their effectiveness. Using AI, Ming and her team are optimizing the existing data that has been published as well as analyzing product ingredients to develop advanced skin profiles that Proven uses to create custom beauty lines that work for different ethnicities, age groups and even geographic locations.

#BUBBL #Proven #Podcast

Mar 7, 2018

Emiliano De Laurantiis, Founder and CEO of Knowledge Avatars joined us in this episode of Popping the Bubbl to share his vision for a new type of learning, one that is personalized to the individual, adaptive, scalable through AI and infinitely more effective because the student becomes an active participant in his or her learning process.

#Podcast #BUBBL #AILearning

Jan 17, 2018

Like something in a movie, Melanie Matheu peered into a microscope and saw the future. A time when lasers print organs. This week Sandra and I feature Prellis Biologics. Our guests are a powerhouse duo, Co-Founders CEO Melanie Matheu, Ph.D. and Noelle Mullin, Ph.D., CSO.

Prellis Biologics is another company from the IndieBio accelerator which is tied to SOSV’s efforts to invest in biotech. By their own estimate, transplantable kidneys (or whichever organ they produce first—for this article we’ll use kidneys) will be available in 5 to 8 years.

#tinydinosaurs #alecbaldwin #podcast #birthdaypodcast #BUBBL #3dPrinting #printingorgans

Jan 11, 2018

Today on Popping the Bubbl, Sandra and I feature Mike Seldon of Finless Foods. Mike and his co-founder Brian Wyrwas have a dream that I think we can all get behind. The business they are building allows them to make fish protein in a warehouse creating “Clean Fish.” Fish without contaminates, meat that looks, smells, tastes, and feels the same as the finest pieces of fish available in stores, markets and restaurants.

Fish and other meat-based proteins are going to be created in warehouses; and it’s an incredibly wonderful thing. It means more controls over how our food is created…fewer pathogens, chemicals and poison. Clean fish means greater access to higher quality fish, less waste, essentially no harm to harvested animals, potentially less pollution…and a lot and lots of quality made accessible to anyone on a budget. That’s a plan we can all get behind.

Jan 5, 2018

On this episode of Popping the Bubbl, Sandra and I host Lou Kerner. Lou a Co-founder at Crypto Oracle. Sandra and I have been examining how innovations like crypto, blockchain and “the Tangle”…

…are disrupting the world. Crypto is changing finance, contracts, funding, data…basically, every industry, service and even possessions are being impacted.

We invited Lou because he’s a recognized leader in the world of crypto-currency. Heck, he’s been called by the Wall Street Journal, Wall Street’s Bitcoin expert. He also made headlines in Nov 2017 when Snap Interactive Appoints Wall Street Crypto Expert Lou Kerner to Blockchain Advisory Board

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