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Nov 30, 2016

We recently spoke with Matt Greeley, CEO of Brightidea a 16 year old “start-up” that has been leading the charge in solving an important problem for many global F500 companies, that of innovating in a scalable and repeatable way. While that may not seem like a tough problem for many of us in StartupLandia where innovation is the norm, for bigger companies leveraging new technologies and navigating the many ways to innovate is a huge challenge but one that is critical to survival.

It was not that long ago companies experienced the longevity of markets represented through an average time spent on the S&P 500 of more than 50 years today that number has shrunk down to the teens.

Nov 22, 2016

Unlike traditional accelerators that are in business to help developers create product and raise money, GrowthX  is focused on companies with already developed technologies and customers and helping those companies grow exponentially.

The GrowthX academy experience is open to companies that are vetted by first being part of the fund’s portfolio. Unlike the typical batch process of many Silicon Valley accelerators, GrowthX accepts 1-2 companies each month to participate in the hands-on and very intensive process.

Nov 14, 2016

Myles Weissleder CEO of SF New Tech drops in to the Popping the  Bubbl studio to sit with co-hosts Sandra Ponce De Leon and Pete A Turner.

They discuss SF New Tech's role in providing a launch pad for the next tech company.

SF New Tech has been so successful, it spawned TechBytes an agricultural tech meet up that travels internationally, looking for the next tech breakout in the ag-world 

Nov 2, 2016
Rania is no stranger to entrepreneurship having founded 2 other companies previous to ID4A. She is also a visiting speaker, mentor and Judge at AngelHACK and an active mentor and advisor for multiple emerging startups all while leading ID4A into the future of making products. She was also recently honored at White House and was nominated "Change Maker" at The United State of Women Conference for recognizing her contributions to support gender equality and women’s empowerment in education, business and technology. Seeing that long list of achievements which is just the tip of the iceberg for Rania, the biggest question that comes to mind is how does she do it all? The answer..a dynamic energy she has inside which pushes her into constant motion with the ultimate vision of making change, engaging with the world and teaching others around her.